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Relocation to Munich

ASF RelocationMünchen 将帮助您找到住房,在您搬迁后快速适应德国生活,并克服与德国相 关部门最初交流时的语言障碍。

位在德国生活了 20 年的专业人士将助您搬到慕尼黑

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  • 15 years of experience
  • 7 countries
  • 3 languages
  • 3 days shortest house hunting
  • 速度快
  • 可靠
  • 便捷

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We are pleased to offer a full range of relocation services for client.

  • 全包式的搜索住房


    在与您的要求和可能性达成一致后,我们开始搜索住房,每次都陪同您看房,或进 行远程操作,直到移交钥匙给您。

  • 与部门沟通


    • 在您到达后的两周内登记
    • 帮您在一小时内开通一个银行账户
    • 陪同到外国人员登记处办理手续(进行相关帮助以及获取文件条款等)
    • 解决任何海关问题(把您的行李物品等运到德国)
    • 填写问卷、表格和验证文件
    • 获取税号
    • 获取医疗保险
  • 移民德国的商业计划


    为您和您的家人移居德国,创建一份德国商业计划,包括统计数据、竞争情报和详 细的业务分析。

  • 帮助融入德国社会


    为您和您的家人移居德国,创建一份德国商业计划,包括统计数据、竞争情报和详 细的业务分析。

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我搬到德国已经 20 年了,有足够的经验协助你进行搬家事宜。

Trust is the key.

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方便的支付方式供您选择,包括通过银行转账,Paypal,西联汇款和 Paysend

why ASF Relocation
München 21

Assia Franzmann

该公司创始人兼董事,阿西娅•弗兰兹曼(Assia Franzmann)在 20 年前移居德国继续深 造。作为语言学和心理学的认证专家,她曾在出版商和大型德国公司担任助理总监和 商务助理。


如果我在 15 年前使用这样的服务,我就能更快地有所成就,流利地掌握 3 种语言,组建家庭, 开创自己的事业,而不是在快 40 岁的时候才实现。只要现在做出正确的选择,你就有机会获得更 大的成功。

三年前,她在德国创办了此公司,帮助很多公司员工搬到慕尼黑。 ASF 不仅与企业客 户合作,也与个人客户合作,这些个人客户都很乐于向他人推荐 ASF 的服务。

about See you in Munich.

Blue card specialists and business owners recommend our services:

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  • 5.0

Jerish D.

An automobile Engineer

A big thanks to you, Assia, for all your effort and dedication during my Blue Card application process. It was really stressful with all the delays and documentation issues, but I was impressed with the way you dealt with it. You were highly professional and handled the situation very well. Your patience and experience were evident throughout the process, and you even accompanied me for my appointments as a support.

I am grateful to you and happy to be an EU Blue Card holder now.

Alex S.

Managing Director
Shopware Agentur WebiProg

In 2020, I worked with Assistenz Service Franzmann UG to create a business plan to relocate my business to Germany. Assia Franzmann proved herself to be a competent service provider and submitted all the necessary documents on time. In communication, Assia Franzmann was attentive to details and gave a lot of practical advice.

I recommend working with Assistenz Service Franzmann UG to successfully relocate your business!

Natalia D.

Medical Manager from Munich

Even when you think that all the documents are ready, Assia will suggest other things to improve your stay in Munich and make it less expensive. Child benefits (Kindergeld, which I had no idea even existed), checking the accuracy of your health insurance application, a bank account, help with signing up for an Internet connection... Nothing is impossible for her!

I am very glad we met. I am immensely grateful for everything that Assia has done for us.

Vyacheslav K.

Managing Director
ITAS-Technika GmbH

Some people really know their stuff. They do everything as you expect, without any deviations or excuses, and that helps achieve the desired results.

Thank you for your diligence and skill. I‘m not afraid of offering you new work, knowing that it will be in your safe, professional hands.

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